Margot D. Morgan

Margot Morgan Business Coach and Program Manager

Margot Morgan coaches individuals and partnerships to create the future they've always imagined for their careers or businesses. They are coached to take actions that produce success in areas that matter most, with measurable results.
While coaching within all industries, Margot's specialty is coaching those who work within the creative arena. Her clients either own businesses or work in fields such as fine art, graphic design, advertising and promotion, journalism, photography, the performing arts, interior design, event planning and more. As they learn to align the creative with the business world they grow their businesses or careers with ease, integrity and passion.
Margot coaches her clients to:
• Take actions that produce success
• Explore their concerns, move forward and become "unstuck"
• See that creativity can exist and even flourish within business
• Dispel conversations that hold them back from succeeding
If you are a creative professional who wants to live the future you've always imagined for your business or career and you are tired of feeling like a square peg in a round hole, Margot's coaching can make all the difference. You will see what you've never seen before and hear what you've never heard before. You will learn what actions you need to take and be supported in taking those actions so that you can live a creative life in the midst of the business world.
If any of the following ring true for you, you will benefit from Margot's coaching:
• You want to speak powerfully about your work or business
• You want to learn how to handle breakdowns — big and small
• You want to increase your productivity and profitability
• You feel stifled and want to pursue a more creative direction
• You want to make better use of your time
• You find others don't respect your creative endeavors
• You want to grow your business and reach more people
In addition to her career as a business coach, Margot has been a teacher of children with learning disabilities, an art director and manager of the advertising creative department of the Charlotte Observer, a retail entrepreneur and program manager for Executive Coaching Group, Inc.
Margot lives and works in Charlotte, NC, but she also works weeks at a time at the Executive Coaching Group offices in New York. This enables her to coach clients both in Charlotte and New York in person and by phone. She also coaches, by phone, clients in other parts of the country.
eWomen networkMargot is proud to have been a Premier Success Coach for eWomenNetwork™ in the U.S. and Canada from 2009 -2013.
Margot is a cyclist, skier, gardener and pursuer of unusual antiques at auctions, anywhere and everywhere.