Inventing the Future


Create the leadership team to take your company to the next level!


Which is more powerful:  Five fingers?  Or a hand?


In this two-day strategic off-site session, you will create a real leadership team out of your company’s top executives, achieving 100% alignment on a Strategic Intent for the future.  Most clients tell us it’s the first time their leadership team willingly  aligned 100% behind anything this important.


Issue resolution, strategic alignment and goal setting occur on Day 1.  Day 2 is devoted to accountability and action: Designing and committing to a detailed implementation plan for the next  two to three years.


Woven into each session is powerful coaching for breakthroughs in communication; integrity; company growth; client service; and creative thinking.  By the end of the program your executive group has become a transformed leadership team, lit up by the future and taking committed action to make it happen.