The ECG Team

Seyhan Barin

Startup & Technology Coach

Seyhan Barin is ECG’s startup coach with over 15 years of global leadership experience in fast growing tech startups. She is a coach, consultant and advisor for several startup clients in New York and London.

Seyhan’s mission at ECG is to empower executives and managers at tech startups to unleash their leadership potential and empower their employees to perform at a level of productivity that produces extraordinary results for the organizations they serve.

In her leadership position at a global ecommerce startup, she played a key role building and transforming diverse technical teams in six countries: The United States, Israel, Jordan, China, India and U.K. She successfully led multiple teams with different skill sets and worked closely with executives through the full startup life cycle: growth,

pivot to IPO and then the acquisition by a large global corporation. She twice received a “CEO Excellence Award” for her achievements and was recognized for innovation and global leadership.

“Seyhan helped me with my career growth, especially to transform my communication and management style. Her results-oriented approach and personality contributed to our immediate connection.  Seyhan's mentoring and coaching was so empowering that I learned how to prioritize myself, my goals and being authentic to myself.”

A.S., Cloud Architect Google