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Herma Schmitz

Jill Burns

Kristin Pierre

Jill Burns

Senior Consultant and Coach
Since 1986 Jill Burns has served as an educator, management consultant and executive coach. She is a recognized leader in the field of personal and executive coaching.

Jill’s work with many large public and private sector organizations has taken her around the world to Canada, Australia, Papua New Guinea and Norway, as well as many sites within the U.S.

Jill’s mission is to empower executives and organizations to write their own future rather than be limited to a future that is thrust upon them by history or circumstance.

As a powerful speaker and course leader, she has led personal development seminars and leadership trainings for thousands of people throughout her multifaceted career. Her love of people and commitment to making a difference are a source of energy and value to her clients who come to her with a variety of goals to accomplish.

“Jill gave me a different view point and with her help I was able to recognize ways to improve myself. I became much more comfortable and free. I was able to think differently and reframe my thoughts and strategies.”

R. B., Making Partner
Media Company