“I just had the best review in 5 years. Exceeded all expectations! Said I did a fantastic job! Thanks so much for getting me back on top.”

T. S., Managing Director
Wall Street Firm

“Honestly immeasurable. Less stress. Greater successes. Better relationships … Actionable tools. [Creates] sea changes in the way you perceive things.”

A. H., Chief Creative Officer
Global Agency

“From our first session my ECG Coach shifted and lifted the way I look at leadership … This discovery is life-changing.”

K. M., Global CEO
Media Company

“ECG coaches are the Bill Belichick of career coaching… and while I’m certainly no Tom Brady, they always made me feel like I was on their team… a winning team.

“I wish everyone could get an opportunity to work with ECG: through her structured program she enabled me to visualize my future by first de-coupling from the past, and then by capturing a world of possibility in a concrete yet limitless state of mind. By embracing the process I felt empowered to realize my potential not only as a business person but as a human being of the highest integrity.”

E. W., Venture Capitalist & Entrepreneur

“ECG coaches are fantastic. I have worked with a number of coaches before, some to develop my career, and I can say that the work I did with my ECG coach is as good as it gets. She helped me navigate through a delicate professional transition, I was looking for someone to hold my hand and instead my ECG coach gave me a fast track to success and helped me build a game plan to keep the momentum and maintain that success for the long-term. ECG is not cheap but you get what you pay for, and the extra revenue I generated that can be attributable to the work I did with my coach is worth many, many, many times the cost.”

Tom, Hedge Fund


“Great tone, time-keeping, coherence. Expert ways of making the exercises pleasant while productive and on-task.”

Richard L., President / Americas
Apparel Company

“True success is now possible. We have a team that is not going to accept failure.”

Paul L., Marketing Manager
Major Pharmaceutical Company

“Now we can be courageous. ”

K. H., Regional Sales Manager
Pharmaceutical Firm

“More effective communication in a shorter time — and that leaves more time for going out and getting the results. I see the possibility of a breakthrough in sales next year.”

Al S., Regional Sales Manager
Pharmaceutical Firm

“The common language for higher performance is of great value.”

Robin M., Sales and Marketing Leader
Pharmaceutical Firm

“I learnt the team is as committed as I am, and I can trust them with the company’s future.”

R.W., Chief Financial Officer

“Two excellent days that even a slightly cynical, long-time off-site attendee found insightful, helpful and enjoyable.”

S. G., Managing Director
Ad Agency

“I had no idea what to expect and I am coming out of these two days feeling so incredibly rejuvenated. I found this workshop to be unbelievably impactful and I’ve truly never loved my colleagues more. … Thank you for all the insights gained and the incredibly warm and safe space you provided for all of us.”

E.H., Client Service Director
Marketing Agency

“So inspiring… Thank you for lifting us to the team we can be!”

N. B., Account Director
Ad Agency

“The breakthrough was that the most cynical of [our management team] came to the table open and left willing and ready to make a change.”

B.A., Chief Creative Officer
Specialist Marketing Agency


“Through the Breakthrough Leadership training we saw how to personally get out of the way so that we, as a community, can transform the future of the Mohawk Valley.”

Cassandra, Executive Director, Publisher and Activist

“The workshop has given me a different view of what’s possible for our region. It also created an opportunity for me to work with extraordinary people to make a transformation happen.”

L. B., Hamilton College

“The power of conversation and the concept of alignment discussed in the workshop are amazing forces that are already generating new possibilities and are positioning us for an extraordinary future.”

T. T., Regional Advocate

“At the time that I hired my coach the company had recently gone through a major round or redundancies following the technical failure of our first product. I would say that at the time the team was facing severe difficulties as stress, individual personal concerns and the mental withdrawal of key individuals took place. With hindsight I can see that the team’s likely future was to dissolve within a short space of time.

Following the coaching the reverse has happened. Considering the significant risks, the company still faces this is a remarkable feat. The team is motivated and engages collectively head-on with all situations. The level of honesty, teamwork and communication has transformed.

The work the team completed with our coach was, in my view, a significant contributing factor to the change in our fortunes.”

S.H. Chief Executive Officer

“A banker, a priest, an entrepreneur, a social worker, a pop music singer, a student, all in the same room, in the same conversation. Committed to making a difference to the country they live in: Romania.

If only brought together, regardless of their strong intentions, they would have not been able to coordinate and agree on one vision for their country. In every transformational process, which is always complex and non-linear, there is the key master-facilitator who ensures that the intention is fulfilled and all participating parties are satisfied with the outcome of their work. None of this would have been possible without the contribution of ECG, who guided the entire process with determination, professionalism and great spirit.

The outcome was a new future for Romania, out of commitment, vision and bold actions. Today we live in a different future, one that we are responsible for and it only depends on us how far we will go in fulfilling it in reality.”

A. H., Executive Director


All testimonials are from confidential surveys after each program.

“The main value of the Mission Control workshop has been the realization of how distracted that I am with ‘that mountain on my back’ and that this distraction keeps me from living in the now, creating my future and being an effective leader.”

“I am surprised at how much of my time was wasted in trivial things and how much time it takes me to mentally ‘spin my wheels’ because I am worried about or distracted by ALL of the things I have to do and handle.”

“Yes — I did not think it would shift everything in my life — maybe just my professional tasks. I am indeed experiencing greater sense of all three. I have not felt stressed out about deadlines; I feel at ease with my workload; I am optimistic about being able to spend more quality time with friends and family; I’m excited and reenergized about my life.”